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Q5 TacLite Tactical Flashlight

Get the Tactical Flashlight Q5 TacLite for FREE!

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This offer is International

We’ve just re-opened orders on our custom-made tactical flashlight.

Last month, it sold out in 4 hours.

And the reviews flooded in.

It just didn’t stop.

Without a doubt, the brightest flashlight I’ve ever owned”

I actually feel safe now on the streets at night”

But that’s nothing compared to Stacey.

A bubbly college sophomore from Virginia.

See, Stacey also ordered one of our products. And a few days after she started carrying it she was assaulted. I received a heartfelt email almost immediately, with her story.

But it wasn’t a sad one.

Because Stacey was armed. As she left her last class of the evening and walked to her car, she had the Q5 TACLITE™ firmly in her hand. As she heard running footsteps close in, she flashed the light into her attacker’s eyes and started swinging.

The poor guy never saw it coming.

And Stacey was able to get into her car, lock the door and escape a potentially life-threatening situation.

This story warms my heart. Which is why today, I’m feeling a little generous.

Order before midnight and I’ll do you a solid.

In honor of being prepared, I’ve got a handful of tactical flashlights I’m giving away.

The same ones Stacey used to fend off her attacker.

You just need to cover the shipping costs.

I’ll get the rest.

But hurry, this is an exclusive deal that expires at midnight.

Click here and order yours now.

Q5 Tactical Flashlight

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